Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to make JTextArea transparent in Nimbus LAF of Java

Recently i encountered a problem while using Nimbus LAF of Java that i was not able to make components transparent by using setOpaque(false).
Though my Java 6 update version is a bit older than the current updated version, so it might be possible you may not experience this problem.

For my problem, i found out from the Bugs Section of Java website that this can be resolved like this:-

JTextArea jTextArea1=new JTextArea1();
jTextArea1.setBackground(new Color(0,0,0,0));

This bug might have been resolved in future updates but if you face problem, you can use this trick.


  1. How do you setup custom look and feel? I want to use this: http://napkinlaf.sourceforge.net/

    Do I have to download jar files and place where? and How do I tell java to refer to that jar file to set the look and feel?

  2. Great post!! Thanks for sharing such an wonderful information ...

  3. Thanks for the trick. I really need to brush up my java :)


  4. Thanks mate !

    Been looking for a while !

  5. Causes a strange repaint bug, if JEditorPane is editable


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