Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Java-Puzzle is a new blog in which i write about common problems faced while coding in Java. This blog also serves as a platform for me to release my developed applications.
The posts are written in simple English and draws visitors who want to know solutions to their problem, or who want to download my previous released application Transview Image Viewer.


Recently i have developed a new software named WoodCutter, a File split & Merge Utility which has been released now.

This will bring a lot of visitors to the WoodCutter release page from different sources.
The traffic to WoodCutter main release page is expected to increase with efforts to make it more visible in web.
Thus if you are interested to display your ads in my blog, then you are most welcome here!!

Offered Ad positions are:-
  1. 1 Top Banner 728 x 90 or 760 x 100 for $15/month
  2. 1 SkyScrapper Ad 160 x 600 on Right Side for $10/month
  3. 1 Square size ads 125 x 125 on Right side for $6/month(4 slots)
  4. 1 Footer Banner 728 x 90 or 760 x 100 for $10/month
  5. 1 Featured TextLink for $2/month(7 slots)
  6. 1 Horizontal Ad below Post 234 x 60 for $7/month
Ad prices are for full blog and not limited to a single page.


$50 if i do the review and $30 if you write the review and i post it here.

Paid Reviews will be done in a manner that is productive and positive for your business.
If you have any requirements to be present in the review, then it will be considered.

Payment mode will be through PayPal or SWIFT (International Telegraphic Transfer).

Please Note:-
  1. Ads can be bought for monthly or 3-month basis.
  2. Ads need to be submitted in GIF or JPG format.
  3. If you display ads now, you will get discounts in future.
I believe your decision to display ads in my blog will be a fruitful decision. Hence if you are interested to display your ads or want to have a paid review, then
Use the mail form at the blog to contact me by clicking here

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