Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why JAVA is attractive??

Well, Many times People may give different answers for the same question. The same trend also continues here!!
Some may say, its a new language as compared to C, some say its well documented and good resource material is available, but possibly the best reason which can be given is that Java is a Cross-platform language. In other words, its the Platform independence of Java, that has made it one of the most attractive languages for developers!!
So no worries for developers that how there code is going to work in different platforms, which they have developed taking lot of pains.
Yes, i do agree there are some secondary reasons which can also be given.
They are that it is object oriented and that it has a large bunch of API classes...
Definetly Object oriented programming is a good programming technique which Java provides, but its the API classes of Java which enhances the beauty of JAVA for me..

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