Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Use PrepKit to prepare well for Certification Exams

Few days back, I got an opportunity to review a product of uCertify, known as PrepKit. Prepkits are actually Exam Simulator and Preparation kits, a class of products offered by uCertify, and help in preparation of certification exams conducted by various IT vendors.

uCertify offers a vast list of PrepKits covering a big list of Certification Exams which can be instrumental in your career growth. I reviewed the uCertify Prepkit for SCJP(Sun Certified Java Programmer) Certification Exam CX-310-065, and I was indeed impressed by the product. Prepkit is not just a Exam Simulator but also helps in preparing for the Exam because of its large study material present in it. The uCertify product aims to provide a self-graded and Low Pressure environment for the user to prepare, analyze the mistakes and build confidence before giving the actual exam.


User Interface

As I used the product, I felt that Interface of PrepKit is very user friendly and logical. It is neat and logically separated so the user should never feel lost.

PrepKit's way of Testing

Prepkit offers a good number of Practise Tests which can be taken while preparing for the Exam.
Apart from the regular Practise Tests and the Final Exam which will simulate your actual Exam, there is also Interactive Quiz, Adaptive Test, Custom Test and Fixed Time Test which are actually very interesting.

Interactive Quiz is like a normal Quiz but you always like to have it one more time, and the good thing is that it helps in your preparation.
In adaptive Tests, the skill level required for answering the question increases with every question and is a good feature to test your concept level.
Custom Tests can be created based on what you want or the test based on specific concepts. I liked this feature as this way you can get better by concentrating and giving tests made from your weak concepts.
Also if you have some free time, you can have Fixed Time Test to make use of whatever little time you have.

The tests can be taken in Test Mode as well as Learn Mode. Learn Mode is a good feature in which you can learn the concept behind a question as you take the test, however I believe this mode should be used in the beginning but as you come closer to the date of exam, it is always better to simulate Exam using Test Mode.

Study Material included in PrepKit

However the feature of PrepKit which I noticed to be most attractive is the Study material supporting the Tests. Study material has been made keeping in view the Exam Objectives. By referring to the material, we can get a good idea of what is expected in the Exam. Study Material consists of large number of "Notes, Articles, as well as essential Tips" to complement your preparation. Prepkit also has the Flash Card feature by which one can revise the concepts very easily.

Other Noteworthy Features

Another key feature in the product is the "ability to bookmark and tag the questions in the tests" so that one can review and see such questions later. User can also create custom notes to write important points using "My Notes". Prepkit also provides the functionality to discuss your problems with other users using "Discuss it".
Using "Test History", the user can also see the results of older tests taken, which is a nice feature to analyze your preparation over a period.


At last, I believe that PrepKit is a good product that will surely help an aspirant to prepare well for the Certification Exams. Use PrepKit wisely to complement your Preparations and you will surely benefit from it.

uCertify Homepage
Click here for PrepKit for SCJP 6.0 Certification Exam

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