Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Experiences with Java GUI and Swing

My experiences with Java regarding its GUI arose out of some serious coding in Swing. As i went deep into some serious stuff coding in Java, i always wanted to try out new features in Java ,in which i had little knowledge. After trying out basics of working of Java, i jumped into programming of Swing, as GUI coding always looked fascinating to me!!
But certainly, i had no clue about the dangerous territory where i was heading.
This was the fact i realized, when i started coding the Swing stuff.
The elements just never looked to obey my orders in the code. It was a real hard work to really control the looks of GUI. Then learning the Layouts, the rules which the components follow, and combining them with Event Handling Functionalities..
My first real GUI program with a bit of good coding was to display a list of files and directories in a user selected directory from the JFileChooser class, all in a GUI format. Initially i felt whats the big deal in it, but for a beginner, it was certainly a bit hard. But as i got success in it, my confidence grew in coding GUI programs.
Certainly that confidence helped me alot to take up more challenging coding in GUI and Image Handling in Java, which ultimately helped me to learn more about the way Java works.......

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