Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The API dilemma

So Java enhances its power by the vast resource of API which supports the language. Infact Java is nothing without its API.
As Java has just 49 keywords in it, but to really program in Java, one needs to have the ability to effectively use the classes provided in the API.
The API contains thousands of ready-made classes already present to make the job pretty easier.
Definetly the above line sounds more good than it is, as its really not a cakewalk to remember all the classes.
So whats the best way??
I guess and infact i believe that no one can remember all the classes, so the best way is to start with the basic classes which will help us start coding in Java. Afterwards as we require something which we dont know, search for it in the API.
When you get it, use it and yes, dont forget it!!
After some time in development, one realises that one will remember what is useful to us, and in this way, the very large API becomes a bit smaller for us!!

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  1. Hi, I'm a professional Java developer. It's true that very often one has to rely on one wheel that was invented some time ago in some obscure place, where only a select few know about. Well, if you don't get to know about that api that would fit as solution to the problem you are facing then you will have to (re-)write it yourself, quite simple.
    I know that usually the problem would need to be extremely complex or rare to have this kind of problem. The amount of api's available on the net should NOT be underestimated :D. Usually you or someone in your neighbourhood (friends, family, colleagues, networks, ...) will know some kind of solution (api, algorithm, ...), and if not, get enough coffee, redbull, books on the subject and get the hell coding :D. That's what I experienced so far. Greetings and keep up the good work. ;)


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