Saturday, June 20, 2009

An update on what i am coding now!!

Well, i have just created a useful utility application known as WoodCutter. This application does the job of splitting a large file into lot of smaller files. This allows to send a large file over e-mail as normally there is a limit on the maximum size of attachment. By using this utility, we can get number of smaller size files which can then be sent over mail. The utility also provides way to merge the split files back into single file using batch file, shell file as well as the utility itself can merge all the files back using a merge file.
The application is working well but now i am going out of town for some time away from my computer so it will take almost 1 month in publishing it as still some final touches need to be given to make it a good release.
Hope you come back to download it at that time!!
Thanks for reading!!

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