Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fobs4JMF comes to the rescue!!!!

It has been a long time since i last posted..however i just can't help as my college had opened, and its also equally important to concentrate on my graduation as well!!

Still, i take some time off to learn new things and i am very happy with with all sort of exposure i have got till this time in the field of Java.

As posted earlier, i was working on a Media Player made entirely in Java..i have some new things to share regarding that!!

Though i am not entirely satisfied with what JMF has in its offerings, still there are some interesting add-ons that can make it more appealing. What i have always concentrated more is that a basic media player should be able to play most of the available formats..

Originally JMF does not support many but while i researched a bit, i came across a very good work..Fobs4JMF which is a Java Wrapper for FFMPEG. Now FFMPEG is a Open Source library of large range of media codecs. Normally as it depends on native system, it will be a daunting task to use it through Java Native Interface.

Here Fobs4JMF comes to the rescue..Fobs4JMF handles FFMPEG beautifully, and allows us to work with a very large number of codecs. Hence the advantage is that we can play mostly all the formats of media. Also the beauty is that we dont have to change our code to use any new APIs. Our old code of JMF is going to do all the job with the help of Fobs4JMF.
Currently i am working on a widget which can play all the media formats, Hopefully i will be able to put it online soon..depends a bit on my College schedule.. So i have no deadline in mind but i will try to do it as quickly as possible!!!!!!

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  1. Hi..I have tried using fobs4jmf in an applet , its failed to play all the formats except "mpg" format in a, whether is that possible to play all formats in an applet and if it is, how??
    hope to get reply as soon as possible...



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